Family Services Fund

The Human Services Policy and Advocacy Team includes the Family Services Fund (FSF) as grants awarded to community non-profits are best described as an extension of the Policy and Advocacy Offices in providing services that address the needs identified by those offices.
The FSF Grants Office is staffed by an Administrative Coordinator whose responsibilities include technical assistance before and after grant award, application coordination and process, contract review and revisions with agency as needed, reporting, program and site visits, monitoring and compliance of all general fund grants assigned to the office.
Currently there are 117 non-profit program grant awards within 85 diverse non-profit agencies totaling $4,091,200.

  • Competitive Grants - These Metro General Fund dollars are awarded to non-profits serving specific populations that fit within the realm of Human Services Policy and Advocacy Offices.
  • Formula Grants – These Metro General Fund grants are awarded each year to sixteen agencies (16) that provide financial assistance for shelter, utilities, food, etc. to the entire Jefferson County area. The sixteen agencies consist of fifteen (15) agencies that are members of the Associated Community Ministries (ACM) and Catholic Charities Sister Visitor Program. Each agency has a separate geographic boundary they serve.
  • Partnership Grants – The service provided by are considered essential to a metropolitan area of our size.

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