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Down Payment Assistance Program

 Homebuyer Assistance Program

The Homebuyer Assistance Program provides qualified homebuyers with a loan to assist with purchasing a home which will be their primary residence. The Homebuyer Assistance Program is available to any homebuyer that is looking to purchase an existing or newly constructed home in the Louisville Metro area. You do not have to be a first time homebuyer to qualify, however, all homebuyers must be credit and income qualified, see income limits below.

The goals of the Homebuyer Assistance Program are to:

· Encourage homeownership throughout the Louisville Metro area which is economical to low-moderate income consumers in order to assist in preventing future foreclosures;

· Encourage mixed-income neighborhoods and the de-concentration of poverty;

· Encourage homeownership in Metro’s Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas;

· Assist homebuyers in becoming informed consumers in order to successfully navigate real estate transactions and to understand the responsibility of homeownership;

· Encourage reinvestment in Louisville Metro’s vacant and abandoned properties (VAP).

How to Qualify:

· Homebuyers must have a household income at or below 80% of the area median income, adjusted for household size, to qualify. Household income will be verified by Metro. Click to view the Current Income Limits

· Homebuyers must be able to obtain a first mortgage from a local financial institution

· Homebuyers must be credit qualified, in which there shall be no unpaid collections on the credit report and no un-discharged bankruptcies.

· Homebuyers with more than $20,000 in liquid assets will be deemed ineligible as the program is designed to aid those in need of assistance.

· Homebuyers must occupy the purchased home as their primary residence for a period of 5 – 15 years, depending upon the amount of assistance received.

How to Apply:

· Homebuyer(s) complete homeownership counseling from a HUD Certified Counseling Agency. Click to see list

· Homebuyer(s) obtain first mortgage pre-approval from financial institution

· Homebuyer(s) applies to the Homebuyer Assistance Program

· Homebuyer(s) receive entrance or denial into the Homebuyer Assistance Program based upon income

· Upon approval, homebuyer(s) engages Realtor (if not already done so) to assist in home search

· Homebuyer(s) locates home and obtains accepted sales contract (Home Purchase Packet information to be completed by homebuyer(s))

· Homebuyer(s) submits Home Purchase Packet to Metro

· Case review board reviews and approves the amount of assistance available to the homebuyer(s)

· Homebuyer(s) closes on home

· VAP Only – rehabilitation of home occurs and property passes Metro inspection before occupancy

Resource List:

Frequently Asked Questions

Homebuyer Assistance Program Application Packet

Homebuyer Assistance Program Brochure

Housing Counseling Agency List

Income Limits

Informational Packet for Counselors

Informational Packet for Lenders

For more information, please contact the Homebuyer Assistance Program at (502) 574-1974 or email us.