Policy and Advocacy

The Policy and Advocacy Team is comprised of the Family Services Fund (FSF) Grants Office, the Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens (OADC), the Office for Women (OFW), and the Office of Youth Development (OYD) and serves as a liaison between local governmental bodies, agencies, and the public for designated populations.

The purpose of this team is to improve the coordination and connection to efficient and consistent services that address quality of life issues and disparities and to promote and build a culturally competent community through sustainable partnerships and effective use of resources for youth, women, aging, disabled and those in poverty.

Through collaboration, partnerships and communication, members of the Policy & Advocacy Team act as catalysts and coalition builders identifying and addressing community needs; monitoring the “pulse” of the community; building consensus; and coordinating responses that strive to maximize resources and effectiveness.

The Policy and Advocacy Team members contribute leadership, initiate research based solutions, and serve as a conduit for the development and implementation of long-term policies and solutions. These policies and solutions are communicated to internal and external partners, service providers, and the community at large.

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