Social Services & Financial Empowerment

Get financial assistance, medical care, KTAP, & learn to make the most of your money

Provides assistance for shelter and utilities for families in crisis experiencing loss of employment, pending SSI, or loss of support due to separation, desertion, death or domestic violence. Assistance provided to those who meet eligibility guidelines.

Resources for those who are at risk of losing housing.

Jefferson County residents can apply for Medicaid or KTAP through the Neighborhood Place. Call the Neighborhood place that serves your zip code to learn more.

Intensive case management focused on building families assets in order to elevate them from the crisis cycle.

Initiative to connect the unbanked and under-banked, individuals who live without access to mainstream financial institutions and are forced to rely on expensive check-cashing services, to banks and credit unions.

Is a Financial Literacy course designed to teach participants basic money management skills in the areas of budgeting, banking, investing, spending wisely, and developing a savings plan.