Shawnee NRSA

Shawnee Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA)

The Shawnee Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA), dubbed “Shine on Shawnee”, calls for renovating up to 115 homes over five years, and targeting economic development through CSR’s microbusiness program.

Shawnee residents interested in applying for one of these programs can call 574-4377 (Option 8), or see more information below.

Please click here to learn about programs and services targeted to the Shawnee neighborhood, along with an introduction to Teshanna Brown -- a CSR staff member assigned as the Shawnee Liaison. 

Shawnee NRSA Homeowner Rehabilitation
Metro Government is taking a targeted approach to the NRSA Homeowner Rehabilitation program by prioritizing major street corridors in Shawnee as investment areas. Eligibility requirements include: (1) Must be an owner-occupant in the Shawnee neighborhood for at least one year. (2) Title must be clear and property taxes paid in full. (3) Must earn less than 120% of Area Median Household Income. (4) Must have homeowners and/or fire insurance. For more information or to apply for services, call 574-4377 (select 8 for home repair services) or go to NorthWest Neighborhood Place at 4018 W. Market Street. 

Shawnee NRSA Microbusiness Initiatives
The Shawnee NRSA Microbusiness program will provide training, technical assistance, and forgivable loans up to $10,000 to help create or expand micro-enterprise businesses (those with 5 employees or less) in the neighborhood.

Call Rebecca Brenzel at 574-5866 or Syvoskia Bray-Pope at 574-5168 for more information.

Homeowner Resources
Click here to view a Comprehensive Guide to Home Insurance. Read why homeowner’s insurance is important and what your policy should cover. Includes strategies for selecting an insurance provider and policy.