Community Financial Empowerment Certification

Are you a social service provider or support staff hoping to expand your own knowledge of personal finance and economic decision-making? Do you work with clients who face issues with budgeting, saving, or spending their money wisely? Do you want to play a role in breaking the cycle of poverty?

You're encouraged to seek the Community Financial Empowerment Certification (CFEC), which will build your ability to do financial empowerment work with your clients or in your agency!

At this time, a Level 1 Certification is available to participants who complete three workshops:
  • Financial Empowerment 101: The Basics
  • Financial Empowerment 102: Behavioral Economics
  • Financial Empowerment 201: Conversations with Tools (prerequisite: Financial Empowerment 101)
All Level 1 workshops are offered free of charge and are open to any social service staff. View the list at right or visit for upcoming workshops!

When you complete your Level 1 Certification, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony, and your supervisor and/or agency director will also receive a letter stating your Certification. We encourage you to include the CFEC on your resume as a professional asset!

A Level 2 Certification and further learning opportunities are in the works. Stay tuned!

Congratulations to our first graduates! (March 27, 2014)

In 2011, Louisville Metro Community Services and Revitalization was awarded a grant from Living Cities to build on Louisville’s foundational work and create a service provider approach that embeds financial empowerment into the homeless service provider system and becomes a model to be incorporated into all human service systems in the community. The Money Talks project was born out of this grant.
Since then, we have worked to expand the financial empowerment framework and increase service providers' ability to increase their own financial knowledge and examine their own decision-making; to have meaningful and honest conversations with the people they serve about managing money, choosing financial services and products, and building on assets; and to move the people they serve along the pathway to financial stability. We believe this work can have a positive impact on the service provider, the person being served and their household, and the community.

The Certification program is designed to:
  • create a common understanding of the financial issues and challenges facing clients
  • increase direct service staff’s confidence regarding financial issues
  • increase case managers’ confidence regarding financial issues
  • provide guidance on when and how to integrate financial empowerment into service delivery
  • raise awareness about sound financial education standards and practices
  • create a support system for case managers
  • help sustain and expand financial empowerment efforts in our community

The Community Financial Empowerment Certification is brought to you by the Financial Empowerment/economic Development (FEeD) division with the support of the PNC Foundation, the Center for Non-Profit Excellence and Metro United Way.


FE 102: Behavioral Economics
Friday, October 3, 9-11 a.m.
Details and registration here

FE 101: The Basics
Thursday, Nov. 13, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Sorry -- this class is full! Check back later in 2014 for other workshop dates.

FE 201: Conversations with Tools
Thursday, Dec. 11, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Sorry -- this class is full! Check back later in 2014 for other workshop dates.


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