Landbank Authority Inc.

The 1988 Kentucky General Assembly enacted legislation permitting the City of Louisville, the County of Jefferson, the Jefferson County School District and the State of Kentucky to join together to establish an agency called the Louisville and Jefferson County Landbank Authority, Inc.

The Landbank Authority represents a cooperative effort by the major taxing authorities in Louisville Metro to deal with unoccupied, neglected, tax-delinquent properties throughout the community.

The Landbank Authority acquires, manages and sells distressed properties and vacant unimproved parcels to responsible developers who can affect increased property values and stimulate the tax base.

Key advantages of the Landbank Authority include merging property tax liens and other miscellaneous liens with title and extinguishing them to benefit subsequent buyers. The Landbank Authority is an efficient, economic and powerful redevelopment tool that makes properties available for sale with clear and marketable title.

Solicitation of Interest for Metro-owned properties on Cane Run Road

How to Purchase Property from the Landbank Authority

Combined Property Inventory (PDF Format)(Excel Format)

The Combined Property Inventory is both Landbank Authority and Urban Renewal Community Development Agency properties.

click here for the Inquiry Form or call the Community Revitalization Division for current availability.

Landbank Members/Appointees

2014 Landbank Meeting Schedule

Real Estate Donations

The Landbank Authority accepts donations of real estate, if it is suitable for rehabilitation or redevelopment.

The property must be owned free and clear with no unpaid mortgages or liens except liens for delinquent taxes or liens imposed by the Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL).

If the property meets these requirements, an owner may donate property and receive tax advantages. All IPL liens and Louisville Metro taxes will be extinguished.

Please print and fill out this questionnaire (PDF) and return to:

Landbank Authority, Inc.
Louisville Metro Community Services and Revitalization
444 South Fifth Street, Fifth Floor
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 574-2321