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June 15- Bones for Life: Exploring Your Inner Architecture with Peter Buecker
Wellness 360, 241 Sears Ave
Start Date:
Saturday, June 15, 2013
End Date:
Saturday, June 15, 2013
Event Details:
The perfection of nature's design is evident everywhere, from the tiniest snowflake to the
Grand Canyon. Why should we expect our own design to be any less of a wonder? We walk, run,
jump, swim and dance our way through life, and often forget how remarkable it is to be vertical!
Standing on two feet, so small by comparison to our height, we defy the odds. This feat of
engineering is only possible because of our own exquisite inner architecture.
We instinctively understand that good posture, self-awareness and the ability to move freely
without pain are primary aspects of good health. Bones for Life, an internationally known method
which yields painless and immediate results, is a non-invasive approach to solving common health
problems related to posture, self-image and mobility.

• Learn and practice three profound lessons that will immediately alter your posture
• Become familiar with ‘exercises’ you can take home and use for the rest of your life
• Explore an approach to learning that is gentle and at the same time profoundly effective
• Go away feeling relaxed and energized by the experience.
• Designed to benefit both absolute beginners and sophisticated movement professionals

~ MERIAH KRUSE, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Bones for Life© Teacher (pending)
Since 1982 Meriah Kruse has been on a great adventure: creating opportunities for all kinds of
people to move, learn, create, explore, evolve, have fun, and be healthy. She has an eclectic
background -- over 30 years in dance, creative writing, somatic education, therapeutic massage,
cultural arts programming, spiritual studies, and adventure travel. Meriah is the author of the
upcoming book, “OPTIMISTIC AGING™: Proven NEW Strategies for Feeling Younger at Any Age©.”
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