Volunteer with LMDC

Christina Escalante Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC) relies on community volunteer efforts to provide effective Inmate and Program Services to Offenders. We feel it is extremely important to offer educational, self-help, social services and religious programming in order to provide a wide range of diversified programs that will ultimately help prepare the offenders for more successful reintegration into our community. Volunteer services are available at LMDC in the following areas:

Religious Programming: The ministries provide wonderful opportunities for our population to worship and grow in their own faith. Many dedicated and committed individuals and groups are needed for religious programming.

Social Services Programming: Volunteers are needed to provide diversified programs that will offer effective jail-based programming alternatives to offenders. The focus of this volunteer programming is on alcohol and drug treatment, employment skills, life skills, and other reintegration needs.

Educational Programming: Volunteers are needed to provide educational programming to offenders to help strengthen their ability for successful reintegration upon release.

All volunteers must complete a two-page application and security background check. Once approved, the volunteer will attend a volunteer orientation for Metro Department of Corrections held the first Monday of each month.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.