Under 21 DUI Diversion Program


Created in April 2000, KiDD is an intervention program for first-time, teen-aged offenders. The KiDD program is a collaboration among the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office, the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, and the University of Louisville Hospital Emergency Medicine Department.

Program Goals

  • address both illegal drinking and impaired driving through intervention
  • prevent repeat DUI offenses among defendants who successfully complete the program
  • increase citizen awareness of the under-21 DUI statutes
  • replace drunk driving myths with driving under the influence information

Since it began, the KiDD Program has graduated more than 450 participants, with an 18% recidivism rate.

Program Requirements

In order to successfully complete the KiDD DUI program, participants must:

  • surrender their license and driving privilege for 30 to 120 days (at the discretion of the program director)
  • attend a 4-hour victim impact awareness session at the Jefferson County Coroner’s office which includes:
        • a presentation by the Coroner’s Office
        • a presentation by a police officer
        • a testimonial from a victim or family member of a DUI victim
        • a tour of the morgue facilities and autopsy room

        • schedule and complete an alcohol/chemical use assessment at an approved agency
        • complete the intervention recommended by the above assessment (minimum four education sessions) and pay $200.00 for the cost of the program
        • pay $60.00 to the County Attorney's Office for administrative costs of being in diversion
        • complete 40-80 hours (at the discretion of the program director) of volunteer work at an approved agency
        • attend 10 Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings and write a summary of each meeting
        • remain free of criminal charges while in the program

        Referral Criteria

        Defendants are accepted if they:

        Are 16-20 years old at the time of the offense

        Are driving in Jefferson County with a Blood Alcohol Concentration between .02 and .10

        Have never been referred to the program before

        Benefits to Participants

        Upon successful completion of the KiDD DUI program, participants have a dramatically heightened awareness of the destructive potential of driving under the influence. For students who successfully complete the program, charges are usually dismissed, and they may expunge their records.

        The Under-21 DUI Diversion program includes a Victim Impact Panel, which presents the tragic destructive potential of driving under the influence.