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File a Restitution Claim


Jefferson County Attorney, Mike O’Connell, asks that you take notice of the following message.

Each year thousands of dollars in collected restitution – money paid by criminals to reimburse their victims – is turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office because victims of crime relocate and fail to provide a forwarding address.

The Jefferson County Attorney's Office (JCAO) will assist victims of crime in making a claim for unclaimed restitution held by our office.

In order to claim this money, you must first submit an inquiry form. You can obtain the inquiry form by contacting our office at 574-6781 or by downloading here (Restitution Inquiry Form). Upon receipt and review of the information, you will be contacted by the Restitution Division. You may then be required to appear personally with proper identification, such as a photo ID.

Please provide as much information as possible on the inquiry form. Former addresses and accurate Social Security numbers, in addition to drivers’ license numbers, are the most important information to provide when you are contacted in the future.

*****Fraudulent attempts to obtain unclaimed restitution will be prosecuted*******

Victim Restitution FAQ’s

NOTE: The questions and answers below only apply to district court cases prosecuted by the Jefferson County Attorneys Office.

What is restitution?
Restitution is the repayment, or reimbursement for loss, that is made to someone who suffers from the wrongful actions of another.
It is the money that a judge orders a Defendant to pay to the victim. It is part of the Defendant's sentence and is based on the victim's expenses resulting from the crime. However, court-ordered restitution does not guarantee payment by the offender.

Am I eligible for restitution?
A crime victim is eligible to receive restitution if restitution has been ordered by the judge as part of the criminal case.

I'm not sure the Court has my correct address. What should I do?
It is absolutely imperative that the JCAO has your correct address so that payments, once they are received from the Defendant, can be sent to you as quickly as possible. It is the responsibility of the victim to notify the JCAO of any change of address information. To update your information, please call 574-6781 with your name, new address, a contact phone number and the case number for which you are receiving or awaiting restitution. You may also be asked to provide information such as social security number, driver’s license number or date of birth for verification.

When will I receive my restitution payment?
Distribution of restitution that has been collected from the Defendant normally occurs within 3 business days.

What should I do if the Defendant does not pay restitution in a timely manner?
If you fail to receive a restitution check from the JCAO within 15 business days of the date that it is due from the Defendant, you must notify our office. The JCAO will file notice with the Court that the Defendant has failed to pay their restitution and put the case back on the docket. You do not have to be present at that time. Should it be determined that you are needed, you will be subpoenaed.

Once the Defendant is back in Court, the judge may:

- Review the conditions of the restitution order and amend the original order
- Extend the offender’s probation to allow more time for payment

- Extend the time the Defendant has to pay
- Send the offender to jail/prison (which may cancel the restitution order)

What should I do if the Court orders the Defendant to jail in lieu of paying the restitution?

If the Court orders the Defendant to serve out his time in lieu of paying the restitution order, you still have recourse through civil remedies. Depending on the amount that was ordered to be paid to you, you should contact the Civil District Court Clerk/Small Claims Office at 502-595-4475.