County Attorney Newsroom 

Child Support Seven-month Report

Thursday March 23, 2006

Irv Maze Announces Seven-month Child Support Insert Results: $695,859 Collected, More Than 1,000 Obligors Found


Irv Maze, Jefferson County Attorney, announced today the seven-month results of the Child Support Top 1,000 Insert which appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal Sunday, July 31, 2005.


As of March 1, 2006, the Child Support Insert has produced:


  • 4,715 payments of $695,859.26
  • 575 calls to the hotline number
  • 267 new court dates set
  • 378 non-custodial parent employers found
  • 394 wage assignments sent to those employers
  • 1,073 current addresses for obligors



“The results are phenomenal,” said Maze. “In most cases, this is the first monetary support these children have seen from their non-custodial parent, despite numerous past attempts to collect.”


“I am very grateful for the continuing public response to our efforts, and for the hard work of my Child Support staff to collect these debts.”


Funding for publication of the Child Support Insert was granted by the Louisville Metro Council.