Metro Research Institute (MRI)

Project Concept: Establish a collaborative initiative between Louisville Metro Government and local universities (University of Louisville, Spalding University, Bellarmine University and other interested universities) to create a pool of faculty members interested in criminal justice and public safety research opportunities. Opportunities will be primarily “pro-bono” but there may be some funded initiatives.

Mission Statement: To establish a collaborative partnership between Louisville Metro Government and local universities to promote and facilitate research initiatives, program consultation, and project evaluations for criminal justice and public safety policy purposes.

Project Goals:

  • Participation of local university faculty in a network for research projects and program evaluations.
  • Creation of a new partnership between local agencies and local university faculty for consultation and program advisement.
  • Establishment of a formal link between criminal justice educators and local agencies in a manner that will provide tangible benefits for both local universities and local projects.
Benefits to Local Universities:

  • Access to criminal justice and public safety data and key personnel for research purposes
  • Opportunity to potentially serve as lead investigator on research topics
  • Opportunities to potentially receive grant funding to support justice and public safety project evaluations
  • Ability to enhance viability of grant applications by demonstrating Metro Government/Agency partnerships and participation of experienced research faculty
  • Opportunity to fulfill the urban mission of local universities
  • Local recognition for university contributions to criminal justice and public safety research
  • Potential placements for student internships as well as employment opportunities
  • Ability to participate in a pool of recognized criminal justice experts for local level presentations and testimony
  • Ability to influence policy decisions in the justice and public safety arena