fire - what to do 

Call 911.

Activate the fire alarm system.

Rescue those in immediate danger.

Contain the fire by closing all doors and windows.

Evacuate the building.

If time allows, close all doors behind as you leave.

Do not use elevators. Follow the evacuation routes and plans outlined in the unit-specific fire plan.

If you can’t get out, close the door and cover vents and cracks around doors with cloth or tape to keep smoke out. Call 9-1-1. Say where you are and signal for help through a window.

If your clothes catch fire: stop immediately, drop to the ground, and roll. Cover face with your hands. Roll over or back and forth, until the fire is out. If you can’t use this technique, smother the flames with a blanket or towel.

If burned, use cool water to treat immediately for 3 to 5 minutes. Cover with a clean, dry cloth. Get medical help right away.

extreme heat
    Flash Flood    Earthquake Tornado/Storms  Extreme Heat

alerts                    ALERTS!

Call 911!

Call 311