New Ambulances

New Additions to the LMEMS Fleet

LMEMS recently purchased four new ambulances to replace older, high-mileage units that will be removed from service. The trucks are Ford F-450s, with chassis made here in Louisville.

These trucks have a number of features new to LMEMS, including:

·         Sophisticated electronics with touch screen controls

·         Systems in the patient compartment can be controlled from the driver’s seat

·         Secondary on-board GPS system

·         Cameras to assist with backing maneuvers

·         Air ride suspension that lowers the truck for stretcher loading and unloading

·         LED lighting (except for scene lights)

·         Oxygen tank levels can be monitored from the cab of the vehicle

·         Better heating and AC systems in patient compartment

·         Larger patient compartment with more room for patient care


The new trucks are significantly larger than our current vehicles. Weighing in at 13,500 pounds, they are more than 25’ long and more than 9’ high. Our current vehicles are just shy of 23’ long and 9’ high.