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EMS Newsroom - 2007 Archive

Mayor Unveils New Portable Emergency Room
RESCU to be used during Ford Ironman competition; portable hospital inflates in less than seven minutes

Louisville Passes a Real-Life Test in Cardiac Arrest Preparedness
LOUISVILLE — The near deaths — and miraculous saves — of two athletes at the National Senior Games has focused attention on what cities do to protect people who gather in large numbers.

EMS plan saves second man in senior games
"If what happened happened any place else, I probably wouldn't be alive today," Meyer, 64, said yesterday from his bed in the intensive care unit at Norton Audubon Hospital.

EMS plan saves senior tennis player
During the two weeks when more than 12,000 athletes over the age of 50 compete in the National Senior Games, Louisville Metro EMS will have employees on standby to handle medical emergencies. Competitor John Bates of Townsend, Tenn., is glad those medics were on hand Friday night after he suffered a heart attack while he and his wife were practicing for a mixed-doubles tennis match.

Louisville Metro EMS Donates Retired Ambulances to Guatemala
Thanks to Louisville Metro EMS and local volunteers, three retired ambulances will be donated to communities in Guatemala.

New Ventilation Technique to Save Lives
Cardiac-arrest patients in Louisville will have a better chance of survival thanks to the skilled use of a small plastic tube and a tiny balloon. Louisville Metro EMS has trained its emergency medical technicians and paramedics in the use of the King Airway, a new medical device used to re-establish breathing when time is critical.

EMS Starts Prevention Push

Louisville Metro EMS to promote health and wellness
The paramedics and emergency-medical technicians of Louisville Metro EMS are on the front line of health care – and are now using that role to help prevent medical emergencies before they occur.

EMS Starts Prevention Push
Most of the time when Metro EMS is called, an injury or medical crisis already has occurred. Now emergency medical service workers will get a chance to prevent injuries.