EMS Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Neal Richmond

Chief of Staff
Kristen Miller

Commander of Operations

Lt. Colonel Lee Dennison

Associate Medical Director


Operations Manager
Major Chad Scott

EMS Manager
Michael Tully

Personnel Coordinator

Jordan Mudd

IT System Administrator

Michelle Lancaster

Project Manager

Bob Ruhala

Quality Assurance Officers

Major Chris Lokits
Major Jennifer Cravens
Major Todd Coy

Operations Officers

Major Mike Crenshaw

Major Jessie Yarbrough

Major Mary Taylor
Major Jennifer Polk
Major James Polk
Major Jeremy Koonce
Major Bill Lohden
Major Donal Scheer
Major Erin Winter
Major Michael Will

Captain John Johnson
Captain Mike Kreitman
Captain James Jaggers
Captain Anthony Bradley
Captain Kelly Aboulhosn

CPR Center
Janice Morgan
Holly Metzger

Executive Assistant

Angela Gazaway

HR Payroll Specialist

Linda Cassidy

Fleet Services
Bill Pasel, Manager
Mike Riggle


Supply Services

Mike Simpson, Manager

Francis Corum

Larry Muchow

Bob Little