International Councils

The Louisville community has seen unprecedented growth in its immigrant population in recent years, and the Louisville Metro Government’s Office for Globalization is implementing a new strategy to engage the international population by forming International Councils which represent distinct ethnic communities.


1. The councils will be provided with the opportunity to sit at the table with the Mayor of Louisville and the Director for Globalization, as well as city officials and commissions, assisting them in transforming Louisville into an international city through the following:

  •    Discussing city policies and projects which directly influence the ethnic communities in order to ensure the equal treatment of ethnic minorities and encourage further civic involvement from the communities.
  •     Presenting ways in which the city of Louisville can more effectively aid the international and ethnic communities with the goal of creating an environment favorable to educational and economic success as well as personal growth.
  •     Advising and assisting the Mayor and city representatives on matters of international trade and development as it pertains to regional economic development that affects the city of Louisville.
  •     Working side by side with the Louisville Metro Police Department to educate the ethnicities on matters pertaining to public safety and develop stronger means of communication between the ethnicities and LMPD.
  •     Aiding in the publicity of Louisville nationally and internationally as a global village and a city of possibility, welcoming international visitors and businesses, thus fostering cultural and economic growth.

2. The councils will engage in intercultural collaboration with other councils, businesses, organizations, and communities in greater Louisville to celebrate and encourage diversity as well as educating the community by:

  •     Hosting workshops dedicated to developing cultural sensitivity within the population
  •     Planning or promoting events that showcase the city’s cultural diversity
  •     Collaborating with local schools and Universities to encourage international involvement and appreciation within the community.

3. The councils will be given space on the to:

  •     Showcase the council, it’s functions, and the country/culture it represents
  •     Maintain a common calendar of events as well as advertising for the events
  •     Post news stories, as well as pictures and videos of events and celebrations.

4. The council will benefit from full support from the Office for Globalization in organizing and maintaining functionality, planning and promoting events, reaching the targeted communities, forming contacts and creating partnerships, and ensuring a strong relationship between the city of Louisville and its ethnic population.

Please call 574.4140 or contact us for more information about the Mayor's International Council.

If you are an already existing council or organization and would like to apply to be part of the Mayor's International Council, please fill out the form below and email to

International Council Application

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