Environmental Health Services

The Environmental Health and Protection Division of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness provides a variety of community services. Restaurants, swimming pools, and wastewater treatment plants are inspected routinely. Complaints regarding mosquitoes, dog bites, lead paint, toxic spills, sewage, and other environmental hazards are also investigated. Health Education is offered to serve the public regarding environmental health issues.

 Food Trucks to Begin Getting Inspection Placards

Beginning Monday October 14, food trucks that operate in Louisville will be included in the Department of Public Health and Wellness’ ABC Food Placard Program.

“The number of food trucks operating in our city has grown rapidly over the last few years. They have increased the food choices that consumers have available,” said Matt Rhodes, deputy director of the Department of Public Health and Wellness. “The food truck inspection placards will give consumers a new tool to make informed choices. Many food truck operators have been asking for this.”  Click here for more information. 
The 2011 Environmental Health Services Report.

Ever wanted to know about what it is that the Environmental Department does? 

This is a great overview of the five divisions that cover, food hygiene, public facilities, hazardous materials, childhood lead poisoning, and mosquito control. 

Click here or on the image to view the report.

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