Mobile Food Unit

A mobile food unit is a food establishment on wheels or otherwise mobile. Permitted units pay one yearly fee and may operate statewide. Mobile units may not remain at one location longer than 14 consecutive days.

Permit fee is $120.00 per year

Click here for Commissaries Guidelines

Steps to operate a mobile food unit

1. Submit plans for review: 
    Please include: 

  • Plan application form
  • 4 sets of floor plans
  • Label essential equipment
  • Isometric drawing (riser diagram) to meet Kentucky State Plumbing Code that include sinks, tanks and water heater (Please refer to Chapter 5 of the 2005 FDA food code for specifics)

2. Once plans are approved by the Department of Public Health And Wellness and KY Division of Plumbing, a plumbing inspector will contact you to set up an appointment for final plumbing approval. The last step is to contact the food hygiene inspectors to set up an appointment for an opening inspection. The inspector must be able to verify all necessary equipment is working properly without an electrical outlet (hot and cold running water and refrigeration units).

3. Required Equipment:

  • 3-compartment sink
  • Hand sink(s) accessible to wash work station
  • Hot and cold water under pressure
  • Waste tank 50% larger than the fresh water tank
  • Screening or air curtains to prevent entrance of flying insects
  • Sanitizer- Bleach water should equal 50-200ppm, QUAT water should equal 200-400 ppm
  • Hair restraint
  • Proper test strips to test sanitizer residual.
  • Metal stem thermometer to check internal temperature of food.
  • Thermometer in each refrigerated unit (cooler included)

Things to remember

  • Per KAR 902 45:005 of the Kentucky State Food Code, a mobile unit is only to stay in operation at one location for 14 days then, the unit must move and cannot return to the same location for 30 days.
  • Restrooms must be available near the area of operation

*Contact Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations to discuss any potential city permit requirements.

Kentucky Division of Plumbing

Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations
444 S. 5 St.Louisville, KY 40202

Plan Review Metro Development
444s. 5 th Street Louisville, KY 40202

Dept. of Public Health and Wellness
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