Mosquito Control

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Protect yourself from West Nile

In late summer and early fall mosquitoes can carry diseases such as West Nile virus. You can help to guard against West Nile by wearing insect repellant if you’re going outdoors and by removing sources of standing water on your property where disease carrying mosquitoes can breed.

Wear Insect repellant

It’s a good idea to wear insect repellant if you’re going outdoors, particularly in the early morning and early evening when the mosquitoes are most active. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended repellant containing 20 –35 percent concentrations of DEET for adults and repellant with no more than 10 percent concentrations for children. The CDC also recommends three other repellants for use, those containing picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus and IR3535.

Remove standing water on your property

Water can collect in places you might not think of such as

  • clogged gutters
  • low spots on tarps and swimming pool covers
  • old tires in the back yard

For areas where you can’t eliminate the standing water, such as in ornamental ponds, there are various products now available at large department stores, hardware, pet stores and home, garden and pond centers that will inhibit mosquito breeding.

What can you do to protect your home?
What can you do to protect your pets?

For further information on mosquitoes and the problems they can cause see: 
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