Rabies Control

Your dog, cat or ferret must be vaccinated against rabies by 4 months of age. The vaccination tags must be worn on the pet’s collar.


Every dog, cat and ferret in Louisville Metro must be licensed and wear the license on its collar at all times. Contact the Metro Animal Services at 502-361-1318 for details on licensing requirements.

Dog, Cat and Ferret Bites

If your pet bites or scratches someone, you must report the bite to the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness Rabies Program. An order to quarantine your pet will arrive in the mail with detailed instructions on what you are required to do. Please advise the Rabies Program if you have chosen to have your pet quarantined in a different location other than your home or if you have chosen to have it quarantined at the Metro Animal Services facility. Upon completion of the 10 day quarantine period, a representative from the Division of Environmental Health and Protection will visit your home to release your pet from quarantine. The pet will be released only if it appears healthy. If your pet has never been vaccinated against rabies or does not have a current vaccination, you will be issued an order to get your pet vaccinated against rabies.

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Rabies Program 502-574-6640