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It is estimated that about 10% of Kentuckians have Diabetes and 7% have been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes (see the KY Diabetes Fact Sheet). We also have some of the highest rates of obesity, childhood obesity, physical inactivity, and high blood pressure in the nation. If you have Diabetes, focusing on a balanced lifestyle with physical activity and a healthy diet can make a difference!

The Diabetes Program at the Louisville Metro Health Department provides a Diabetes Management Series several times a year at various locations. To see the current schedule, click here. For more information or to register for the classes, call (502) 574-6663.

If you have questions about managing diabetes or want to talk with a Certified Diabetes Educator, please call 574-5285 or 574-5284.

Have questions? Click here for answers to what is Diabetes?  What is Pre-Diabetes?  What puts you at risk?  How do I know if I have Diabetes?  Prevention and Treatment

A Kentucky law, passed in July, 1998,  states that all health benefit plans (e.g. health insurance), issued or renewed on or after July 15, 1998, shall provide coverage for the following items prescribed by a legally authorized health care provider:

  •  diabetes equipment and supplies
  •  outpatient self-management training and education (including medical nutrition therapy) provided by a certified, registered or licensed health care professional with expertise in diabetes, as deemed
    necessary by a health care provider
  • all medications necessary for the treatment of diabetes

Benefits provided by this law are subject to the same annual deductibles or coinsurance established for all other covered benefits within the health benefit plan.

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