Protect, Detect, Report

Healthcare fraud is not your fault. Fraud occurs in every city, in every state, every day. Scam artists will do anything to gain our trust, and even the most sensible consumers can get scammed.

Protect Yourself
  • Protect your personal information- Never give Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, or bank account information to strangers
  • Do not carry your Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security cards unless you will need them
  • Remember: Medicare, Medicaid and the federal government will NEVER call or visit to sell anything or ask for personal information- they already have it! If someone calls or visits and asks for your personal information just say no!

Detect Fraud, Errors, and Abuse

  • Review Medicare Summary Notice (MSN), Part D Explnation of Benefits (EOB) and doctor’s statements closely and compare them to your Personal HealthCare Journal and prescription receipts
  • Look for these common errors or mistakes:
    o Charges for services you did not receive
    o Billing for the same item or service twice
    o Services that were not ordered by your doctor

Report Suspected Fraud or Errors

  • Contact your provider or plan
  • If they are not able to resolve your issue or answer your questions, call your local SMP (click here for a list of phone numbers for KY)

You Can Help Stop Medicare Fraud!

The Kentucky SMP program needs volunteers to give presentations, distribute information at community events, and counsel others about fraud and abuse. To find out more contact Lauren Anderson at 502.574.6164.