Smoke-Free Law Online Toolkit

Breathe Easy Louisville Louisville’s new comprehensive smoke-free law is in effect, bringing major health improvements to the community. The new law prohibits smoking in public buildings and workplaces in Louisville Metro, including such places as:

• Offices
• Factories
• Bars
• Restaurants
• Private Clubs
• Bingo halls
• Bowling alleys
• Stores

Smoke-Free Toolkit
The following links provide a number of resources to help you or your organization comply with the new comprehensive law…and more important, improve the health of Louisville residents.

Stopping Smoking

For more information about Louisville’s smoke-free law, call (502) 574-6520.

For information about stop-smoking programs, call (502) 574-STOP (7867), or email us.

To register a complaint about an organization violating the smoke-free law (after Nov. 15, 2005), call MetroCall at 311, or email Contact MetroCall.