Condom Distribution Centers

Bridges of Hope 1411 Algonquin Parkway

Bridges of Hope L&N Branch 908 W. Broadway 1st floor

Children and Youth Project 555 South Floyd St.

Community Action Partnership 1200 S. 3rd St.

Dixie Health Center 7219 Dixie Highway, 2nd floor

Family Health Center East Broadway 914 E. Broadway

Family Health Center Fairdale 1000 Neighborhood Place

Family Health Center Iroquois 4100 Taylor Blvd.

Family Health Center Portland 2215 Portland Ave.

First Neighborhood Place 4401 Rangeland Road

Highview Health Clinic 7201 Outer Loop

Main Lobby of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, 400 East Gray

Middletown Heath Clinic 200 Juneau Drive

Neighborhood Place Cane Run 3410 Lees Lane

Neighborhood Place East 810 Barret Avenue

Neighborhood Place Northwest 4018 W. Market Street

Neighborhood Place South Central-4255 Hazelwood Ave

Neighborhood Place Ujima 3610 Bohne

Newburg Health Center 4810 Exeter Avenue

Park DuValle Community Health Center 1817 So.34th Street

Planned Parenthood of Louisville 1025 So. Second Street

Specialty (STD) Clinic 850 Barret Avenue

University GYN/OB Foundation 550 So. Jackson Street

WINGS Clinic 512 S. Hancock St.