Healthy Start Store

What Is The Healthy Start Store?

The Healthy Start Store is an incentive program for Healthy Start participants. The incentive program is to encourage parents to seek medical, educational, and nutritional services to benefit themselves and their children. The Healthy Start Store will provide new highchairs, strollers, baby bottles, breast pumps, etc. The Healthy Start Project operates three stores where families can exchange coupons obtained from Healthy Start Staff for needed items. The Three stores are located in UJIMA Neighborhood Place, Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place and Northwest Neighborhood Place .

How Does The Healthy Start Store Work?

Pregnant women, mothers, fathers and families with children can get items from The Baby Store by enrolling into the program, collecting Store Coupons and redeeming them for items at the Healthy Start Baby Store.

How Do You Earn A Store Coupon?

Store Coupons are earned by participating in the following services/activities:

Completion of Healthy Start Assessment
Completion of Individual Family Support Plan
Family Support
W. I. C.
Well-Baby Check-ups,
Lead Education
Prenatal Care, Post Partum
Family Planning
Parenting Classes / Talk Shop
Breast Feeding (3 months)
Smoking Cessation
School / Training /Project Link

Photo of inside of Healthy Start Store