Sterilization Program

The Sterilization Program is a Federally Funded program under which participants may make Family Planning decisions to voluntarily end their ability to produce offspring. Clients seeking sterilization must make a Family Planning appointment at one of the Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness clinics. Family Health Centers, UL GYN-OB Foundation, and Planned Parenthood are able to refer for Title X sterilizations as well.

Female clients with an income below 150% of poverty and no insurance or Medicaid/Passport, and male clients with an income below 100% of poverty and no insurance or Medicaid/Passport, qualify to have the procedure paid for with Title X funds. UofL GYN/OB Foundation or UofL Surgery Specialties will charge clients that fall outside of these income guidelines on a sliding fee scale according to their income. All female clients are referred to UL GYN-OB Foundation. Male clients up to 100% of poverty are referred to Urology Associates of Louisville, Dr. Stephen Swietzer. Male clients with an income over 100% of poverty are referred to UofL Surgery Specialties. Female clients referred to UL GYN-OB Foundation and male clients referred to Dr. Swietzer must be Family Planning patients. Male clients referred to UofL Surgery Specialties may make their own appointments and do not have to be seen at a LMPHW clinic. UofL GYN-OB and Dr. Swietzer both get the federal Sterilization Consent Form signed and dated at their respective offices