Womens Health

Family Planning Program :
The mission of the family planning program, per Title X regulations, is:  "To provide individuals the information and means to exercise personal choice in determining the number and spacing of their children."

Services include an annual Pap smear, clinical breast exam, sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, various methods of birth control on site and IUD insertion/removal and sterilization by referral.  Basic fertility counseling is available by referral. University GYN/OB Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Louisville and Family Health Centers (4 locations) partner with LMHD to provide family planning services.

The Brown Bag Program: distributes free male condoms to reduce the number of STIs and unwanted pregnancies in our area. Over 637,000 male condoms were distributed during fiscal year 2005. The Brown Bags are assembled at the LMPHW and delivered to over 25 sites in the Metro Louisville area. The Brown Bags contains 10 lubricated male condoms, and information of other available family planning methods, sites for questions and services, signs and symptoms of a STI, and instructions on how to use a condom. Any one can go to any of the condom distribution sites and pick up a Brown Bag in the lobby without any questions asked.

Teen Initiatives’ main goal is to reduce adolescent childbearing and sexually transmitted infections, in order to promote good health among the young people of Metro Louisville. 

  • The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program responds to community requests for technical assistance, information and presentations on reduction of adolescent pregnancy, healthy relationships, sexual decision-making and sexually transmitted infections.
  • The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness provides training, technical assistance, in-class teaching assistance and funds to the Jefferson County Public Schools to implement sex education curricula.
  • Teen Initiatives provides funding to local community partners to provide Teen Family
    Planning, Peer Counseling and other education to young people to increase healthy decision-making and decrease teen pregnancy.
  • Teen Initiatives provides a free Teen Condom distribution program to local businesses and community partners who see "high teen traffic" in their establishments.
  • Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening program: Breast and Cervical screening for low-income women between the ages of 21 and 65, who have no health insurance or third party payer.  The LMHD along with partners Brown Cancer Center, University GYN/OB Foundation, Family Health Centers, and Planned Parenthood of Louisville provide services through out the community in clinics, other community sites and through the mobile mammography unit.