Locally Integrated Food Economy (LIFE) Zone

The mission of the zone is to create a local food system where people eat and grow food closer to home.

The LIFE Zone’s goal is to create an integrated food system where food production, processing, distribution and consumption which will enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health Louisville Metro.

LIFE Zone addresses food access and justice issues

Specifically the LIFE Zone is to address food access in the 12 initiative-designated neighborhoods (IDN), which are identified as the most underserved areas of Louisville.

Accomplishing this work requires the LIFE Zone staff to support the collaboration of community organizations across Louisville. Through this work, they are charged with coordinating and providing technical assistance to those organizations seeking grant funding for local food initiatives that address food justice issues.

Addressing food justice issues also involves the LIFE Zone staff engaging community organizations that are educating community members on how to grow their own food. Working with Louisville Grows and the Portland Orchard Project, the LIFE Zone has awarded each greenhouse that is being relocated from Indiana. These greenhouses, being relocated by LPPW funds, will enable these two organizations to extend the community’s growing season, as well as provide for a year around educational opportunities.

LIFE Zone works to develop local food policies

Collaborating with the Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC), the LIFE Zone team is working to create policy change around local food. Work includes the creation of a local food definition and designation for businesses sourcing locally.

LIFE Zone Staff

Theresa Zawacki, Assistant Director of Economic Director, serves as the Louisville Metro Project Manager.

The project staff is contracted out and lead by Project Manager Robert Klump. Additionally, there are two Coordinators, Colleen Clines and Jonique Green, assisting the work. Two other staff members focus on specific projects, Zach Kentizer, Website Consultant and Nick Seivers, Greenhouse Consultant.