Y Food Fight

Y Food Fight – is a new marketing campaign aimed at helping the community develop healthier eating habits. The Food Fight campaign is partnership of the YMCA of Greater Louisville and the Healthy Hometown Movement.

The “How to Win a Food Fight” campaign features commercials, billboards, posters and YouTube videos that discuss healthier options to many unhealthy foods. It is funded by the Communities Putting Prevention to Work grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“We are trying to fight back against the many unhealthy food messages being thrown at our community,” said Steve Tarver, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greater Louisville. “Our new Food Fight campaign tries to offer simple alternatives to many unhealthy foods so that people in our community can make informed decisions about the food they eat.”

Three new 30-second television commercials will be airing locally throughout the coming year. Each commercial features a different person sharing their tips on avoiding unhealthy foods, while food is literally being thrown at them.

One of the commercials features a local JCPS student. In her ad, she talks about avoiding sugar sweetened beverages while several of them are being hurled at her.

“Everyday messages are being thrown at me about the foods I should eat,” a man says in one of the commercials about fatty meats. “But I am learning to listen to the only message that counts: the one my body is sending.” In another commercial, a mom talks about avoiding unhealthy kids' snacks.

The advertisements also include facts related to healthy eating. “It takes seven hours of physical activity to burn a single pound of fat,” on ad states. In another, “avoiding sugar-sweetened drinks could eliminate 25 pounds a year” appears as colorful sugary drinks splash against the wall.

“Our culture is bombarded by fast food advertising,” said Dr. Matt Zahn, interim director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. “The Food Fight campaign is trying to counter those messages and get people to think about making food choices that will have a positive impact on their health.”

The commercials were written and produced by The Cubero Group, a Louisville ad agency.

Food Fight is an initiative of the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement. Community partners include The YMCA of Greater Louisville and the Humana Foundation.


You can view each of the TV commercials here:

Avoid Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Avoid Fatty Meats

Avoid Sugar Sweetened Snacks

Healthy eating tips and resources are available at www.yfoodfight.com