Digital Storytelling & PhotoVoice

Do you have a story you want to share with others about barriers to healthy CHE logo 2012living? Do you want to share a story about creating positive change in your neighborhood? Let us help you tell your own story.

Digital storytelling (DST) is a process by which you can use still and moving images with sound to create a short story about issues impacting the health of you and your neighbors. PhotoVoice (PV) combinesphotography with social action to create change. A wide-range of topics can be covered, including: community violence, housing, and environmental issues. What issues are important to you? 

CHE has developed a method called Photo Braille. A similar process to Photo Voice, Photo Braille provides an opportunity to address everyday issues that negatively impact the lives of Louisville residents with visual impairments. Creating a totally inclusive process from the first conversation to the presentation of the issues Photo Braille prompts involvement, ownership, responsibility and fosters community advocacy.