Healing Futures Fellowship Class of 2013

The Healing Futures Fellowship Class of 2013 meets Congressman John Yarmuth and discusses some of the most important issues facing the country and Louisville. (above) 

The Healing Futures Fellows completed a 6-week program which focused on team-building, health equity, injury and violence prevention, racial healing and conflict resolution and leadership. They worked together in project groups to present on issues they had become aware of and that were of concern to them. Their poster projects are included below.

The Environmental Issues group presented "Stopping the Overflow: Environmental Issues and Health Equity." Their poster focused on the environmental impact of combined sewer overflows in Louisville, including the presence of harmful sewage in our parks and waterways. (above)

The Racial Healing Group presented on racial discrimination in schools. Their poster focused on the problem of racial discrimination in the classroom and possible solutions, including: restorative justice programs, annual student surveys and teachers taking cultural competency courses. (above)

Fellows in the Injury and Violence Prevention group developed their presentation on verbal bullying and what students can do about it. The fellows also developed an
anti-bulling PSA with MetroTV. (above)

Health Equity includes a wide-range of social determinants of health, including educational opportunity and school environments. The fellows presented, "Teachers and Tenure: Health Equity and Education", and made their recommendations for changes to Kentucky's tenure policy. (above)