Healing Possible Quorum 2014

Louisville skyline for HPQ100 materials

100 Louisvillians for Change!
Healing Possible Quorum


ABOUT THE PROJECT: Together we will look at how historical and present day institutional racism impacts individuals, communities and institutions in Metro Louisville. Join us as we examine the issues and come together in thoughtful discussion.

GOAL: Develop sustainable actionable policies to reduce structural and institutional racism and to help create a city where all of us have the chance to live a long, healthy life regardless of income, education, or racial/ethnic background.

WHO: Adults (18 and older) from across all of Louisville who are dedicated to engaging in open, honest and solution focused discussions.

WHAT TO EXPECT: 100 adults will gather once a month in a curriculum guided study circle format to explore critical issues around income, employment, housing, environmental quality, education, transportation, health care and prevention services, criminal justice, community safety...to name a few! The morning will kick off with refreshments and opportunities to hear from subject matter experts and guest speakers; followed by interactive group work.

WHERE: The Muhammad Ali Center, 144 N 6th Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202.

WHEN: Monthly gatherings on Saturdays between January and July 2014.

If you would like more information or an application please contact (502) 574-8045.

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