Health Equity Report

Louisville Metro Health Equity Report
The Social Determinants of Health in Louisville Metro Neighborhoods

This report was produced by Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness' Center for Health Equity. The Center for Health Equity works to address the root causes of health disparities by supporting projects, policies and research working to change the correlation between health and longevity and socioeconomic status.

2014 Report

This new report builds upon the inaugural report and highlights comparisons with national trends, including embrace of a health-in-all policies approach critical to achieving meaningful change! Included in the 2014 report:

         · New and updated data

· Neighborhood, sub-neighborhood, and trend analysis

· Digital interactive medium designed for computer, smart phone, tablet and mobile devices

· Built-in tracking and feedback opportunities, with potential for future development

You can download the interactive report here (file size: 18mb)

If you do not want to fill out the built in survey, you can print this copy and mail, email, or fax to:

Center for Health Equity
Department of Public Health & Wellness
400 East Gray Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Phone: 502.574.6616
Fax: 502.574.1430

2011 Report (Released early 2012)

This report is the inaugural report that ignited the conversation around measuring equity, and underscoring the need for health equity to be recognized as everybody’s work!

You can download the archived report here (file size: 4.5mb)