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Where does it start?
The bike start line is on Witherspoon Street at the top of the Great Lawn. Riders line up by experience, with the most experienced riders up front.

2014 Labor Day Bike Route Detail:

Bike Route Detail:

· Start - Waterfront Park/Witherspoon St – Hike Bike & Paddle Ride, 10am

· 1st WATER STOP – Great Lawn
RT – Preston Street
RT – Main Street
RT on 15th Street

· LT Portland Avenue
2rd WATER STOP - 16th between Portland Avenue & Northwestern Parkway

· (Turn around option at 16th Street & Northwestern Parkway through floodwall to Riverwalk and return to Waterfront Park)

· LT/S – Portland Avenue and Northwestern Parkway at 31st Street

· Northwestern Parkway becomes Southwestern Parkway at end of 100 block of NWP

· RT – Shawnee Park (from 300 block of Southwestern Parkway)

· RT - LOOP around entire park, bearing to the right at the grass circle

· 3rd WATER STOP - pavilion; entrance LT into parking lot

· LT – on park road, bear right at grass circle

· LT—exit Shawnee Park at Southwestern Parkway & Southwestern Parkway

(Southwestern changes into Northwestern)

· S/RT Northwestern Parkway changes to Portland Avenue at 31st Street

· 4th WATER STOP – 16th between Portland Avenue & Northwestern Parkway

· RT – 15th Street

· LT – Market Street

· LT – Floyd Street

· Finish – Floyd Street at Witherspoon

Note: Helmets are highly recommended whenever you bike. However, you MUST wear a helmet if you are under 18 years old and you are riding in any Metro Park. See our bike laws page to learn more.

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