Smoke-Free Homes Help for Landlords

As a landlord or property manager you may be wondering can you make your property smoke free and how do you go about doing that?  

Tired of paying expenses like cleaning and refurbishing a smoker's unit? Going smoke free may help you see a reduction in maintenance and turnover costs. Smoking units often can require additional time and effort to repaint and replace carpets and drapes.  By going smoke free you can reduce or eliminate these expenses altogether.

Here are some resources to help you implement a smoke-free policy.

Going Smoke Free: Good for Business, Good for Health

What are my legal rights?

Common Myths and Facts about smoke free housing.

Fact Sheet

There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke 

Sample Lease Addendum 

Sample Tenant Survey

Sample Letter to Inform Tenants of Lease and Rule Change

Graphics and Signage

Other Helpful Resources:

For a great video click here.

American Lung Association Smoke-free Housing Steps for Success

CDC: Healthy Homes Manual: Smoke-free Policies in Multiunit Housing

Download the Healthy Hometown Smoke Free Homes logo and add it to your marketing materials.

HUD Smoke Free Housing Toolkit for Owners & Managers

Host a smoking cessation class on your property for your tenants. The Kentucky Cancer Program can work with you to schedule a class and a facilitator. Call (502) 852-6318. You can also contact the Department of Public Health and Wellness to schedule a class or to provide guidance or assistance in helping you implement smoke free homes and buildings. Contact us at (502) 574-6646.