Restaurant Menu Labeling

Menu Labeling empowers the consumer to make a smarter choice when ordering out at a restaurant.

The Healthy Hometown Restaurant Menu Labeling initiative is a tool to help fight obesity, a consumer rights issue, and important for local restaurants to remain competitive with the chains required to offer this information. It is voluntary – restaurants are not mandated to participate.

Choosing healthier options isn’t just a matter of willpower but empowerment. If people were made aware of the nutritional content of foods they would choose meals with fewer calories.

Click here to see a list of Healthy Hometown Restaurants. Check back often as this list will grow!

Interesting Facts:
  • Polls indicate that up to 83% of Americans favor menu labeling.
  • Americans eat out on average four times per week.
  • In 2006 Americans spent almost half of their food dollars eating out.
  • Fast food is eaten disproportionately by low income people who are more likely to be overweight.
  • Research to date has shown that on average, customers order 100 fewer calories when the information is available on menu boards – 100 calories a day = 10 lbs a year!
  • Estimating nutrition information is tricky and people tend to underestimate the calorie and fat content of foods. One poll found that even experienced nutrition professionals underestimate the calories in restaurant food.
Menu labeling only applies to standard items…items that are on the menu for 90 or more days a year.

Federal grant funds are available locally to help small businesses (restaurants with fewer than 20 locations) and caterers to become a Healthy Hometown Restaurant and implement menu labeling.
Approximately $500,000 for:
  • Registered Dietitians to analyze menu items
  • Local chefs to reformulate recipes to make them healthier
  • New menu boards for restaurants that volunteer to participate
  • Restaurants will agree to have nutritional information about their products (including total calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates) in writing on the premises and available upon customer request
Restaurants sign a memorandum of agreement

Healthy Hometown Restaurants will be able to proudly display the HHR logo prominently as well as use it on promotional materials.
                Decal                                                        Menu Icon

LMPHW will promote HHRs on the website and in publicity and promotion.

We have 16 restaurants with 33 locations who have already volunteered, and one Caterer. To see a complete list of participating restaurants go to:!/pages/Louisville-KY/Healthy-Hometown-Restaurant/188241961194717?sk=app_4949752878

For more information on menu labeling contact:
Patrick Rich, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, at 574-6690 or 333-4238