Background and Studies

Kentucky ranks 5th in the nation for its number of farms, with tobacco historically the leading cash crop. However, tobacco is waning as a major revenue source for farm families, and those families must find other sources of income to keep their farms working.

More people each year want access to locally-grown food for a wide variety of reasons, including health, economics, community and the environment. Louisville Farm to Table seeks to increase the availability of local food in a variety of outlets, which will broaden consumer access.

Louisville Farm to Table grew out of the efforts of the Local Food Economy Work Group, a collaborative effort of elected officials from Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble Counties and the cities of Shelbyville and Louisville. Poet and farmer Wendell Berry, private sector individuals, and county cooperative extension agents also contributed to the creation of this project.

fresh produceLouisville Metro's Department of Economic Growth and Innovation, working on behalf of The Local Food Economy Work Group, commissioned a Regional Farmers Market Feasibility Study, which discovered that Louisville is a $3 billion food market. The study recommended key elements needed to increase Kentucky farmers' share of Louisvilleā€™s food market system. Specifically, the report called for a broker to create relationships and connect suppliers with consumers.

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Executive Summary
Full Study

How much local food does Louisville Metro really buy?
Seed Capital Kentucky, a non-profit organization dedicated to catalyzing the success and resilience of regional agriculture and the regional food economy, has partnered with the Louisville Metro Department of Economic Growth and Innovation to study the local food demand in Louisville. This partnership hired Karp Resources, a New York City-based food and agriculture consulting firm, to design, lead and manage the Louisville Local Food Demand Analysis.

The Analysis is a comprehensive, qualitative and quantitative analysis of demand for local food.

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Executive Summary
Full Study

Louisville Farm to Table is made possible through generous grants and support from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, Department of Health and Human Services, and Mayor's Healthy Hometown.