Restaurant Owners

Restaurant Owners

Local Sells.
For two years running (2011 and 2012), National Restaurant Association "hottest menu" trends confirmed what many Louisville restaurateurs already know: local food is good for business. The top trend was "locally sourced meats and seafood." Number two was "locally grown produce."

Louisville Farm to Table is committed to helping restaurants integrate local products into their operations.  You may be surprised at how accessible local products are: some are distributed even through specialty and broadline distributors.

Whether you’re revamping your menu or simply encouraging your staff to upsell local ground beef in a hamburger, Louisville Farm to Table can help.

Local Distributors that carry local products:
Auctions offer high quality local produce at wholesale prices for large- and small -volume institutional sales. The produce auction closest to Louisville is Capstone Produce, just off I-71 at Campbellsburg.

Seasonal produce:  You can find a month by month availability chart HERE

KY Proud - A great source for restaurants looking to souce products directly with the producer. Below you will find a searchable database of all Kentucky Proud producers.

Kentucky Proud Producers

KY Proud Restaurant Rewards

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) provides a cash rebate to many large-volume buyers of Kentucky agriculture products. The Kentucky Restaurant Rewards Program reimburses participating restaurants and caterers with up to 20 percent of the purchase cost of qualifying products. 

If you are in the Louisville Metro area and would like assistance with the paperwork, contact Louisville Farm to Table.

Information Sheet and application

Any questions regarding this program can be sent to

Angela Caporelli.

Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant -

The Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant Program match up to half of the restaurant’s marketing expenditures including new menus, business cards, print and television advertising.

Grant Application

Made possible through generous grants and support from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.