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Our agency enforces and monitors Affirmative Action Plans for contractors and vendors doing business with Louisville Metro Government according to Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 214, Series 2005.

Louisville Metro Government requires all contractors and vendors with a contract of $20,000.00 or more to be prequalified.  This means that the contractor or vendor is an equal employment opportunity employer.  To fulfill this requirement, a contractor or vendor must submit an affirmative action plan to the Human Relations Commission on an annual basis.

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Old Prequalified Vendor Directory as current through June 10, 2013 (pdf)

(Note: for Prequalified Vendors after June 10, 2013, please access the Contract Compliance and Certification System)


In June of 2007, the Louisville Metro Council re-enacted former City of Louisville Ordinance No. 140, Series 1988. The newly re-enacted Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 102, Series 2007, which is administrated by the Human Relations Commission, establishes the certification process for businesses owned, operated, and controlled by minorities, females, and persons with disabilities.

To qualify as an MBE/FBE/HBE, an applicant must provide proof that the company is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by one or more minorities, females, or persons with a disability. In order for a business to obtain certification, it must go through an application process that evaluates the eligibility for certification.

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(These companies have been certified with regard to ownership and control.  The Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission does not certify the performance of work, quality of products or qualifications to work, for the businesses listed in this directory.

This list has been provided as a service to those who desire assistance in locating potential MFHBE subcontractors and suppliers; however, proposers are responsible for making contact with any vendors being considered to ascertain a vendor’s experience, capabilities, or capacity to perform.)


Louisville Metro Ordinance No. 214, Series 2005 establishes a policy of encouraging contractors to solicit minority, female, and businesses owned by persons with disabilities as contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors in contracts. Louisville Metro Government establishes goals for utilization of certified vendors in its annual procurement expenditures.

15% Certified Minority Owned Businesses

5% Certified Female Owned Businesses

.5% Certified Handicapped Owned Businesses

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