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Open Records Requests

An open records request submitted under the Kentucky Open Records Act should contain as much specific information as possible to allow us to identify the correct document or record in a timely manner. However, our 311 MetroCall site and our department contact pages are also available if you simply wish to ask a question such as when your next junk pick up day is scheduled, how to rent a park shelter or how to start a neighborhood block watch, for example.

Visit the Office of Management and Budget open records page for more information about submitting an open records request and for links to our most popular requests that are already online.
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If your open records request requires a payment to Louisville Metro Government, that payment is required PRIOR to the release of records. Payment must be made for the exact amount, submitted in cash or check, and submitted to the agency holding the records. To find agency addresses, check our contact page to visit agency websites. Payment should be made to: Louisville Metro Government.

Note: Louisville Metro Government is obligated to respond within three Louisville Metro Government working days from receipt of request. For example, if you submit a request on a Friday before 5 p.m., Louisville Metro Government will respond by Wednesday at 5 p.m. the following week unless there is an official Louisville Metro Government holiday within that three-day period.

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