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Finance Intent to Purchase Services (1 MB) January 2006
Internal Audit 2005 Annual Report (2 MB) January 2006
Metro Parks    Farnsley-Moremen Revenue Administration (2 MB) January 2006
Louisville Metro Government    2006 Audit Follow-up (5 MB)             February 2006
Human Resources Health Insurance Administration (1 MB) March 2006
Louisville Metro Government Direct Deposit Activity (1 MB)             May 2006
Louisville Fire Department CPR Center (1 MB) June 2006
Solid Waste Management & Services Waste Reduction Center Revenue Administration 
(1.1 MB)
June 2006
Louisville Metro Police Department  Narcotics / Vice Unit Forfeiture and Investigative
 (3 MB)
July 2006
Louisville Metro Government Employee - Supplier Address Review "Bogus"
 (2 MB)
August 2006
Louisville Metro Government Donations Activity (4 MB) August 2006
Public Works Vehicle Impoundment Division  (2 MB) August 2006
Planning & Design Services Revenue Administration (1 MB) September 2006
Louisville Metro Government  Contract Change Order Administration (1 MB) December 2006
Finance Community Foundation of Louisville (1 MB) December 2006
Human Resources Retirement Administration (1 MB) December 2006
Louisville Metro Police Department False Alarm Activity (1 MB) December 2006

All Audit reports are in PDF format, Acrobat Reader is required to view. To get Acrobat reader for free click here.