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Requirements and Confidentiality


Allegations of unethical conduct must involve a Louisville Metro Government employee, contractor, or supplier doing business with Louisville Metro Government. If the conduct does not meet this requirement, it should not be reported via the Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline.

In order for a report to be properly investigated, the following is needed.
  • Who was involved in the alleged misconduct.
  • How the alleged misconduct occurred.
  • When the alleged misconduct occurred.
  • Where the alleged misconduct occurred.

It is important to have as much of this information as possible prior to initiating the report.

Allegations of unethical conduct reported to Louisville Metro’s Ethics Tipline should be made in good faith. The Tipline should not be used for malicious reports in which there is no factual basis for the allegation.


The Ethics Tipline allows you the option of remaining anonymous.

Your report is taken by The Network, an independent provider of hotline services. It is then provided to Louisville Metro Government officials for investigation and follow-up. At no time will your identity be known if you choose to remain anonymous.

Should you choose to provide your name, your identity may be subject to disclosure under Kentucky’s Open Records Laws.