Open Records Request

Louisville Water Company records are subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act, KRS 61.870 – 61.884.

An Open Records Request is a request for inspection of official records.  Any request must be written and sent via mail, hand delivered or faxed to the following: 

    Official Custodian of Records 
    Barbara K. Dickens 
    Louisville Water Company 
    550 South Third Street 
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Fax: 502-569-0850

Please type “Open Records Request” or “ORR” in the subject line of your letter.  Louisville Water Company will respond within three business days after receipt of the request.

For assistance please call 502.569.3600 ext. 2251.

If you are requesting documentation concerning an account in your name, please contact our Customer Care Center at 502.583.6610 or toll free at 888.535.6262.