New Accounts / Transfers

New accounts are created for properties that already have water service.  To open a new account or transfer an account to a different address, call our Customer Care Center at (502) 583-6610.

A $30 nonwaivable Service Activation Fee is required for all new services and transfers.

A $50 Service Deposit is required for customers who:
  • have not had an account with Louisville Water for 3 consecutive years with no late payments.
  • have had a previous account in bad debt or bankruptcy status.
  • have had a service disconnected due to non-payment within the last 3 years of service.

The Service Deposit may be waived if a customer provides a letter of good credit from a previous water utility and/or if payments are automatically withdrawn from the customer's bank account.

If a customer has a returned check during the first 3 years of service or cancels automatic bank withdrawal, a Service Deposit will be charged.

The Service Deposit is credited to the water account when:

  • the customer's account is closed.
  • the customer has paid their bill on time for 3 consecutive years.