Get Spotted T Shirt Contest

Louisville Water launched its Get Back to the Tap campaign in 2013 with the WHY Louisville pure tap®? contest.  We asked participants to submit their reasons for getting back to the tap.  The Louisville pure tap® t-shirt features the top 10 responses.

Now it's your turn to win!  Whenever you're on-the-go, be sure to fill your Louisville pure tap® water bottle with our great-tasting tap water.  Get spotted and you'll receive a card to claim a free WHY Louisville pure tap® t-shirt.

So, what are the top 10 reasons for getting back to the tap?
1.   H2O is the way to go. (Dania McClellen)
2.   It's the secret behind fast horses and beautiful women. (Henry Lawton)
3.   Best in the U.S. (Melissa Schultz)
4.   No lemon required. (Marianne Butler)
5.   Taste the difference. (Emily Boden)
6.   Healthy for me; healthy for the environment. (Andrew Hockenberry)
7.   Available 24/7, 365. (Matthew Griffith)
8.   Makes me "pure" Louisvillian. (Susan Hughes)
9.   You can't get more local. (Tim Moran)
10. I miss it when I travel. (Kathy Knotts)