Just Add Louisville pure tap®

Louisville Water hydrates Kentucky Derby Festival participants in a variety of ways.

  • Louisville Water provides over 13,000 gallons of Louisville pure tap® for the mini-marathon/marathon, Thunder over Louisville and Pegasus Parade.
  • Over the past 3 years, the company has made a conscious switch to a “greener” approach in fulfilling the Festival’s needs, reducing the number of plastic bottles and instead going straight to the tap.
  • This year’s Festival order includes:
    - 78,000 8-ounce bottles of Louisville pure tap®
    - 180,000 empty “compostable” cups
    - At least 10 Louisville pure tap® Fill Stations
    - Two mobile Louisville pure tap® TO GO units
  • Runners/walkers along the mini-marathon/marathon routes will notice many of the water stops (at least 10 locations) no longer offer bottles of Louisville pure tap® but rather a cup of water.
  • Louisville Water is using its own network of water mains in the ground to provide the water. Here’s how it works: Louisville Water crews tap existing water mains along the route at the locations for the water stops and install an above-ground sampling station. On race day, volunteers use potable restaurant-style hoses to pull Louisville pure tap® straight from the water main, through the hose and then into the cup. Volunteers will fill up to 180,000 7-ounce cups on race day.
  • The cups are made of corn and they compost. Plus, eliminating many of the bottles removes a trip hazard.
  • The parade will feature two mobile water units, “Louisville pure tap TO GO” provides water straight from the tap and then into a cooler where parade participants can fill a cup or bottle.
  • Louisville Water is using this model at other walks and runs throughout the community. In addition, schools and sports groups use the cups along with coolers on a daily basis.

Louisville pure tap® Program
This initiative to “brand” what comes out of the tap began in 1996. The Louisville pure tap® program includes a reusable bottle, bio-compostable cups, pitchers, coolers and mobile units that make it easy to enjoy the best-tasting tap water in America. Louisville pure tap® is convenient, high-quality and a great value. You can fill an 8-ounce cup at the faucet 66 times for just a penny.