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Louisville Water Receives National Award for Research and Innovation

Monday June 9, 2014

Louisville Water was one of two utilities honored by the Water Research Foundation for a commitment in protecting public health and advancing the science of drinking water. President and CEO Jim Brammell accepted the Outstanding Subscriber Award at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference in Boston.

Louisville Water has been a member of the Foundation since it began and has worked with the group on numerous research projects with water quality, infrastructure, finance and utility management. Tulsa Metropolitan Water Authority was the second recipient.

Louisville Water Company was honored for its storied history of contributions to water research, including decades of support to the Foundation. Louisville Water notably made early advancements in water treatment that helped set industry standards that led to ground breaking advancements in protecting public health.

"The Subscriber Award really epitomizes the focus on research and innovation that Louisville Water has displayed since beginning operations in 1860," said Brammell. "From George Warren Fuller's landmark research on filtration more than one hundred years ago at Louisville Water to more recently, using a collector well and tunnel for riverbank filtration, Louisville Water is committed to advancing the science of drinking water."

Louisville Water serves Louisville Metro and surrounding communities providing an average 116 million gallons of drinking water every day.