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Riverbank Filtration Project Completed
Louisville Water Company Completes its Riverbank Filtration Project

Winter Pipe Maintenance Tips
Tips for water pipe maintenance from the Louisville Water Company. Including information about wrapping exposed pipes with insulating material, locating your inside water shut-off valve and making sure your crawl space vents are covered or closed to prevent winter winds from getting in.

Board of Water Works Approves 2011 Budget
Louisville Water Company’s Board of Water Works approved the company’s 2011 budget at its regular meeting November 9. As the company marks 150 years of service, this budget emphasizes investing in Louisville Water’s infrastructure to continue providing a reliable, safe supply of drinking water into the future.

Louisville Water Recognized for Excellent Utility Management
Louisville Water Recognized for Excellent Utility Management

Water Works Exhibit Opens at Frazier International History Museum
Water Works Exhibit at Frazier International History Museum

Louisville Water Company Celebrates 150 Years
Louisville Water Company hosts Open House. Public enjoys free activities Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 10 am-2 pm

Adventures in Water Festival
Adventures in Water Festival

Drought Does Not Impact Louisville Water Company Supply
Louisville Water Company supply is not impacted by the drought.

Restoration of Historic Pumping Station
Louisville Water Company Restores Historic Pumping Station

Louisville Water Takes 1st Place in Taste Test
Louisville Water Company wins "best tasting tap water" amoung water utilities in Kentucky and Tennessee.

LWC Donates Water to American Red Cross for Flood Victims
Louisville Water Company Donates Pure Tap® to American Red Cross for Flood Victims

Louisville Water Company Ready for Kentucky Derby Festival Events
Louisville Water Company prepares for Kentucky Derby Festival Events.

Crescent Hill Filtration Plant, Reservoir & Gatehouse Named State Historic Marker Sites
Kentucky Historical Society Names Crescent Hill Filtration Plant, Reservoir and Gatehouse State Historic Marker Sites

LWC, MSD & Metro Donate $25K To Provide Clean Water in Haiti
Louisville Water Company donates $10,000 to EDGE Outreach to help purchase and install mini-water treatment plants in Haiti.

Winter Pipe Tips & Free Water Shut Off Tag
Learn how you can help prevent frozen water pipes and order your free water shut-off valve tag.